Greenhouse Irrigation Systems



Efficient greenhouse irrigation systems are important because water, especially good quality water, is scarce. For this reason water must be handled with care. Every last drop must be considered, for example in drip systems on substrate, mobile benches and pot plants.

Irrigation Rigs: Water storage, discharge and treatment, and drain water collection become more important every day. working with our partners Royal Brinkman we can provide you with an irrigation solution to suit the needs of your commercial greenhouse crop. All pumpsets and irrigation rigs are engineered to easily provide you with your required capacity.

Water treatment with ECA:
ECA (Electro-Chemical Activation) solution is a disinfecting and cleaning agent which prevents clogging of pipes through eliminating biofilm in pipes and water systems. Other benefits include killing algae, bacteria and fungi in short contact time. There is no resistance possible which eliminates viruses, viroids and plasmids. It is a clean and safe water treatment method for all horticultural crops.

Sophisticated, computer-controlled irrigation systems can be implemented into any greenhouse construction project, or retro-fitted into existing glasshouses.